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November: it’s time for “caldarroste”! Wait a minute, what does it means “caldarroste”?! Well, “caldarroste” is the name of the Italian roasted chestnuts. Oh men! The roasted chestnuts recipe is one of things that most remind me of the Italian winters! When winter comes, in many places around the Mediterranean basin, from Portugal to Turkey, the hawkers set their large braziers around the edges of the squares, and they roast a huge quantity of chestnuts. In Italy, traditionally we use to eat chestnuts as a sneak in the Sunday afternoon, wandering through the streets of the city centre, or around the table with our friends, drinking a glass of “vino novello” on vacation time.
  • 1 lb chestnuts
  • 1 cup cooking salt
  1. ROASTED CHESTNUTS RECIPEPreheat the oven at 430 ° F. Wash and brush the chestnuts, then soak them in cold water for 30 minutes. Now, dry the chestnuts with a cloth and incise the skin with a box-cutter avoiding to the pulp of the fruit: without this cut there is the risk to blow up the chestnuts into the oven!Place the chestnuts on a baking tray covered with a thin layer of cooking salt, then cook chestnuts into the oven about 30 minutes at 430° F, until well roasted, turning them halfway through cooking time. After cooking, wrap the roasted chestnuts in a damp cloth for 10 minutes and then peel and eat still hot. It is possible store the roasted chestnuts up to two days after cooking in a container closed with a lid or a bag for food.
  2. ROASTED CHESTNUTS caldarroste recipe
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